Revox Garden City



REVOX with revoxyl  Garden CityREVOX with revoxyl

An advanced formula designed to help decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging and repetitive facial expressions. Includes Revoxyl™, a patent-pending mineral-amino acid-peptide complex which allows for superior results. Guaranteed to contain the highest concentration of actives available.

Solar Protection Formula

Solar Protection Formula is a unique, complete block for UVB/UVA, offering full-spectrum protection for photosensitive individuals. It does not contain PABA, but is made with a mixture of eight forms of highly reflective, micronized particles plus three organic ultraviolet absorbers. This unique product can be used as a year round sun block as well as tinted concealer. The SPF 65 formula absorbs into the skin so it will blend in with your skin tone, while the SPF 60 concealer comes in three different base shades and color adjusters to match your personal skin tone.


Teamine Complex Garden CityTeamine Complex

The ONLY ingredient proven to reduce dark circles!

Years of research have indicated that using Teamine Eye Complex will result in four major benefits, correcting and generating younger-looking, healthier skin. Most patients will see and feel immediate improvement in their skin's smoothness, with noticeable reduction in dark circles within four to eight weeks.


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